Academic Achievements:
John Matta


I am currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


  • CS340 Algorithms and Data Structures (Spring 2016).
  • CS140 Introduction to Computing (1 section in Fall 2013, 2 sections in Fall 2014, 1 section in Spring 2014, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016)
  • S140 Labs (Spring 2013 and Spring 2014) 

Conference Papers

  • Gunes Ercal and John Matta, Resilience Notions for Scale-Free Networks., (Complex Adaptive Systems) 2013
  • Gunes Ercal, John Matta, William Stimson, Dominic Eccher, On the Quality of Sampling from Geographic Networks., (Complex Adaptive Systems) 2013
  • John Matta, Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, Jeffrey Borwey, Donald C. Wunsch, and Gunes Ercal, “Robust Graph-theoretic Clustering Approaches Using Node-Based Resilience Measures”,  IEEE Conference on Data Mining, Barcelona, Spain, December 2016.
  • Ellie Lovellette, John Matta, Dennis Bouvier and Roger Frye,  “Just the Numbers: An Investigation of Contextualization of Problems for Novice Programmers.”  SIGCSE, Seattle, Washington, March 2017.

Continuing Work

Published Journal Papers

  • John Matta, Gunes Ercal, and William Stimson. “The Quality of Sampling from Geographic Networks”, 2015. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks.
  • John Matta, Gunes Ercal, and Jeffrey Borwey, “The vertex attack tolerance of complex networks”, RAIRO Operations Research Journal, 2016.

Papers Submitted for Publication

  • John Matta, Thy Nguyen, Gunes Ercal and Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, “Applications of Novel Graph Theoretic Methods to Clustering Autism Spectrum Disorders Phenotypes”, submitted to The 9th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BICoB 2017).


  • I won the 2014 Outstanding Graduate Student Award